Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getting a Game Plan

Well Zig Ziglar was right, "If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time." You have to have a Game Plan! So I hope you have your journal we discussed before, because it's time to start using it. Make some time this week to go through these steps to set up a plan that works for you.

Step 1 - Establish a weight for your build. There are 3 main body types.

1. Apple Shape

The apple tends to store fat in their upper body, so if a person is carrying extra weigh, it is usually around the belly. Fat stored in the upper body can lead to heart disease, so apples be careful!

2. Pear Shape

Pears hold the majority of their fat in the lower body: hips, butt, saddlebags. Pears are mostly women. This fat is harder to lose.

3. Proportionate shape

Proportionates have fat cells distributed equally throughout their entire body. When they gain weight, they gain everywhere. When they lose weight, it comes off evenly.

Because body types differ the best way to go about this is to establish a weight for your build. Hip to waist ratio is the best way to do this.

Step 2 - Figure out your Hip to Waist Ratio

1. Get a tape measure and measure your waist right at the belly button line.

2. Standing with feet hip-width apart, measure your hips at their widest point.

3. Now all you have to do is divide your waist measrement by your hip measurement. This is your waist to hip ratio.

The ideal waist to hip ratios are .8 for women and .95 for men.

Whatever that number may be for you right now write it down in your journal, don't be discouraged, remember big changes come from little decisions. Slowly but surely you will see things change. Now that you are done with that you need to set up your own goals.

Step 3 - Make a chart in your journal and list your goals and beside them your rewards (personalize for you!).


Ultimate Goal

I want to lose 40 lbs

I want to feel healthy, strong, and light

I want to wear a size 8 again

Monthly Goals

I will lose 8 lbs this month

I will not eat junk food

I will lose an inch from my waist

Weekly Goals

I will work out 5x this week

I will lose 2 lbs this week

I will eat light every evening

Daily Goals

I will wake up early enough for exercise

I will eat at my set time


Ultimate Reward

Take trip to Jamaica

Monthly Rewards

I will buy a wheat grass juicer

I will treat myself to a salt scrub

Weekly Rewards

Get a pedicure and manicure

Daily Rewards

Take a loooooong bubble bath

As you can see you have your Ultimate Goal, but you have to break it down into bite size portions so it can be realistic for your daily living. This is how you will begin to see some true results. So write it all out!

Once that is all set up choose a work out you know you can stick to, whether it is walking, running, an aerobics video, choose something. To get started plan to workout 3x a week for at least 30 minutes, NO MATTER WHAT!

Coming up we are going to discuss healthy eating balanced with good exercise but for now as far as your eating is concerned, DO NOT EAT AT NIGHT! Once the clock strikes 6pm make sure you are having your last meal of the day, and no snacking after this!

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