Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 1.3 Mind.Set-"Am I on a Diet?"

di·et a : food and drink regularly provided or consumed b : habitual nourishment

There are many definitions for the word diet. Everyone is on a "diet" if they eat and drink anything. A diet simply describes what we eat and drink to nourish ourselves. However, whenever we want to lose weight we automatically think "I need to go on a diet!" This statement usually means "The starving of oneself to attain lost weight and actually harm my body than really heal it." This is NOT what we want to do! The danger of dieting is that when it's all over we go back to our bad habits. We are going to make lifestyle changes.

We want to establish a healthy diet that will become a part of our lifestyle. This means we are going to establish some health habits that will stick with us the rest of our lives. Neurologically it only takes 3 weeks to overcome cravings and and establish healthy habits!

So get your mind set - "I am not on a diet!" rather "I'm building up a new and healthy lifestyle!"


In your journal write out at least 3 diet related lifestyle changes you want implement into your life.


"I want to stop eating eating when I'm not hungry"
"I want to quit eating late at night"

Stay tuned!

Week 1.2-Mind.Set-Procrastination

Dispelling the Mindset of Procrastination

pro·cras·ti·nate: To postpone or delay needlessly.

Someone once said "Someday is not a day of the week." Here at Weight Loss Wunderland we agree. We don't believe in procrastination, we have to live our best each day, we aren't promised tomorrow. A mindset of procrastination can easily get us in a rut when it comes to weight loss. We may really want to lose weight but we trick ourselves by saying "I'll start next week" because we really want that piece of cheesecake or really don't want to start going to the gym yet. The problem is next week becomes next month and next month becomes next year and 5 years down the road we're loosening our belts one more notch. This won't do!

We must be people of the hour! Today is our day! Do your best today! Don't wait for tomorrow. Live in this moment, this second, this day!

Assignment #2

Get a Weight Loss Wunderland Journal, any notebook will do.
Write out all your "procrastinating mindsets" related to weight loss and health
Write out solutions to these mindsets

Procrastinating mindset: "I'll start eating healthy after the party on Saturday"
Solution: "I'll start eating healthy now, only have one piece of cake at the party"

Procrastinating mindset: "I'll start working out next week once the weather warms up"
Solution: "I'll do aerobics inside today"

Remember procrastination is NEEDLESS delay. In most cases nothing is stopping us from achieving our goals aside from our own delay in doing so.

(Let me know what you come up with! Please share in the comments section or send me a message through my profile!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 1.1-Mind.Set

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Weight Loss Wunderland Week 1. To begin our journey we need to lay a good foundation. Lets talk about our mindset.

mind·set n. 1. A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretations of situations.

We need to have the right mind set before we start our journey. A mindset is a FIXED mental attitude that will determine our responses and interpretations of all the situations that either lead to our weight loss or gain.

Sad Sally's Mindset: "I'm gonna be fat forever"
Sad Sally's Response to late night snack of cheetoes: "What difference does it make, I'm fat anyways"...chomp, chomp, chomp (no wonder Sad Sally is always sad)

We want to have positive attitudes. But a mindset does not just come to us over night. It comes from repetition and experience. So here is your first assignment.

Assignment #1-Dispeling the wrong Mindset of how we view ourselves

Get out a pen and paper and write this down! Put it by your bed.
1. I'm valuable
2. I can and will change
3. I choose my own destiny

Repeat out loud to self 10 times every morning and evening. Don't miss a day!! (It doesn't matter how you feel doing this, just do it!)

We often get caught in the rut of thinking "this is the way I am, I can't change it, just accept me." No doubt we'll love and accept you just the same, but that's not the truth! You can change! And you'll feel so good when you do!

These things are simple but true and we will talk about them more in more detail along our Wunderland journey. But for now you need to repeat this to yourself out loud 10 times every morning before your day begins and every evening before you go to bed.

There is much more to Mind.Set, so stay posted as we cover it this week!

Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm so sick of it! So exasperated, so overwhelmed, frustrated, aggravated, perturbed, infuriated, just so, so, sick of it.

Sick of the way being overweight makes me feel about myself and others. Sick of counting calories, wearing the same jeans cuz the rest don't fit, realizing in the dressing room that nothing I've selected can actually button.

But it doesn't end there. What makes me even more sick is my own lack of self-discipline. Whining about being fat after downing a doughnut, hating the cellulite on my legs after skipping my workout in the morning; it's my fault. After all, I'm the one in charge of my own body. I chose to be this way! That is what really infuriates me! It's no one else's fault but mine.

So here's the skinny on the whole situation. I'M DONE!!! It's time to wake up and take up my own responsibility. I'm done whining, groaning, and moaning. And I'm inviting you to join me.

Weight Loss Wunderland is going to revolutionize the way we think, feel, exercise, and eat. The good news is, it's not hard-we just have to do it! On this blog you can expect to find a whole routine with recipes and food demonstrations to workouts and how to target certain areas and move that stubborn fat into history. We're gonna talk about our hormones, how to balance them so we can watch the fat melt away. We'll address different body types so you can do specifically what is best for you. I have so much knowledge on this topic and know just what we NEED to do, in fact I've done it before. A lifestyle of natural happy weight loss that leaves you feeling good in your skin and confident about who you are.

You know we don't have to lose weight to be happy. Everyone will still love us, we'll still laugh, play, shop, drive, think, type, write, work, sleep, and it will be fine. But don't you feel better doing all those things when you are healthy? Imagine the last time you felt the best in your body, where were you? what were you doing? who were you with? Didn't you love it? I sure did, and I'm not done experiencing it.

So are you ready? Even if you are not I want to invite you to Weight Loss Wunderland, it's gonna be fun, and we're gonna feel great!