Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 1.3 Mind.Set-"Am I on a Diet?"

di·et a : food and drink regularly provided or consumed b : habitual nourishment

There are many definitions for the word diet. Everyone is on a "diet" if they eat and drink anything. A diet simply describes what we eat and drink to nourish ourselves. However, whenever we want to lose weight we automatically think "I need to go on a diet!" This statement usually means "The starving of oneself to attain lost weight and actually harm my body than really heal it." This is NOT what we want to do! The danger of dieting is that when it's all over we go back to our bad habits. We are going to make lifestyle changes.

We want to establish a healthy diet that will become a part of our lifestyle. This means we are going to establish some health habits that will stick with us the rest of our lives. Neurologically it only takes 3 weeks to overcome cravings and and establish healthy habits!

So get your mind set - "I am not on a diet!" rather "I'm building up a new and healthy lifestyle!"


In your journal write out at least 3 diet related lifestyle changes you want implement into your life.


"I want to stop eating eating when I'm not hungry"
"I want to quit eating late at night"

Stay tuned!

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